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RADAR is at the center of modern technology, innovating new data models to drive decisions and solve problems. With the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, nearly half of all tasks in corporate finance, according to the Wall Street Journal, have the potential to be automated within three years. RADAR enables nonprofits of all sizes to target inefficiencies, reduce costs, and maximize operations by decentralizing traditional financial processes while maintaining the necessary internal controls.

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We help organizations of all sizes save time and money by outsourcing and automating their administrative needs.

We strive to bring cutting edge technology and robotic processing to non profits to reduce the overall cost of essential overhead expenses. Our mission is optimizing our clients’ missions, so they can better focus on what they do best: making the world a better place.

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We understand the unique challenges facing the nonprofit sector today.

We have a combined 30+ years experience working in the C-suites, business offices, and board rooms of leading arts and culture organizations across the country.

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We work exclusively with nonprofit organizations.

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